Re: MD NAZIs and Pragmatism

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Date: Sun Feb 09 2003 - 09:43:13 GMT

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    David said:

    > Maybe I think too much of my own views, but I've spent a great deal of
    > and energy dealing with these philosophical issues and it seems they have
    > well. So I love to debate them and others because it feels like an even
    > match, a fair game and an exciting sport. I love it. I want to believe
    > we make each other think. I'm convinced that its NOT just talking, that
    > debate makes people sharpen their minds the way a workout strenthens the
    > body. Its about getting stronger and more subtle as a thinker. This is all
    > ask from philosophy and it seems like plenty. It probably doesn't look
    > much is going on from the outside, but there is plenty of action and
    > practical benefits from this

    Sam says: Hear Hear Hear!!!


    "A good objection helps one forward, a shallow objection, even if it is
    valid, is wearisome." Wittgenstein

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