Re: MD the ideology of capitalism

From: Platt Holden (
Date: Thu May 05 2005 - 14:44:30 BST

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    > As I have high hopes for this discussion, allow me to dispense with
    > the notion that stopping government subsidies on both sides of the
    > economic divide is all that is necessary to produce a fair socio-
    > economic system.
    > Subsidies to the poor side of the divide were introduced in reaction
    > to the tremendous inequities caused by 200 years of rapacious
    > economic practices Simply stopping them and expecting economically
    > disadvantaged people to somehow magically compete on an equal footing is a
    > bit of regressive idiocy I hope we can avoid in this discussion.

    Surprise. You just knew this was coming -- take from the rich and give to
    the poor. Now there's an innovative, progressive, evolutionary idea!

    Instead of sacrificing freedom on the altar "equality" and "fairness," how
    about teaching people how not to be poor? If you think that's impossible,
    just ask the Asians who immigrated from Vietnam and other parts of Asia to
    the U.S.


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