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Date: Sun Feb 09 2003 - 18:39:21 GMT

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    Andy wrote:

    I hope this might increase the understanding of "Rorty's pragmatism." It
    is rare when you can find a philosopher that seems to speak directly to
    you. I know Pirsig seemed to be speaking to me when I read ZMM and Lila.
    I thank Matt for leading me to Rorty, for I find he also seems to speak
    directly to me. For that, I am in complete support of Matt's project to
    bring the ideas of Rorty and Pirsig together.


    Mari says: Thanks Andy. That helped me see something i didn't see before.
    And it's nice that you can acknowledge Matt for being the person who introd
    you to Rorty.

    i love the way you sniped and pasted things to Re-Present Rorty. It brings
    about a whole different feel and way of looking it; as one might look at a
    This little dabblet below caught my eye and i meditated on it for a
    while....will probably chew on it a bit through-out the rest of the day and
    maybe for a few days after that too....i love when that happens.

    "I don't have any original ideas. I think that all I do is pick up bits of
    Derrida and bits of Dewey and put them next to each other and bits of
    Davidson and bits of Wittgenstein and stuff like that. Its just a talent
    for bricolage, rather than originality. If you don't have an original
    mind, you comment on what people do."

    Mari Bricolage ( you heard it first here ) pbn

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