Re: MD the ideology of capitalism - the Ayn Rand question

From: Platt Holden (
Date: Tue May 17 2005 - 20:29:30 BST

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    MSH writes:
    > There is a difference in the value of Chomsky's FRH ideas versus the
    > FRH ideas of Ayn Rand. There is no difference in the value of
    > Chomsky's life versus the life of any Randian, or that of any chimp
    > or dog or cat or spider or gnat. Most humans tend to believe that
    > their lives are more valuable than a cougar's, although a treed
    > cougar will not agree. Jingoist Americans believe that the life of a
    > single invader GI is worth more than a thousand innocent Iraqi lives.
    > My claim is that these beliefs are cultural and biological illusions which
    > exist in inverse proportion to an individual's level of enlightenment.

    The basic premise of the MOQ is that some things are better than others.
    Do you exclude people and animals from that premise? Do you considered an
    enlightened person someone who makes no value judgments about people,
    and considers a gnat to be as worthy as his mother?


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