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Date: Tue May 24 2005 - 11:05:00 BST

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    Hello again,

    Luckily I just stumbled across the relevant chapter of Lila's Child, so I'm
    now aware that I'm doing something "dangerous" by trying to tie DQ to an
    existing concept. I definitely need to clarify my suggestion.

    By "Time", I wasn't referring to the concepts we have of before and after,
    or the arbitary ways in which we divide time into minutes and seconds and so
    forth. If it's even possible, I was referring to time in a concept-free way,
    as the thoroughly empirical and undefined Big Long Now, equivalent to
    Pirsig's wordier description "the first slice of undifferentiated
    experience". I guess that Pirsig's description is much better, because
    "Time" has a monstrous amount of philosophical, conceptual and scientific
    baggage attached to it.

    However, I still think that the MOQ leads to all sorts of interesting
    thoughts about time, with the proviso that these thoughts always involve
    intellectual conceptualisations. Time is the constant interaction of static
    patterns, though calling it "interaction" is misleading, because the
    interaction itself empirically precedes the static patterns. The success of
    a static pattern in this constant interaction (time) determines its quality.
    And so on...


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