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Date: Thu May 26 2005 - 17:26:22 BST

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    I've read Keith Thompson’s article in full and also had a glance of his
    website. And the question that springs to mind after reading all his
    clichés about various liberal opinions and writers (such as Noam Chomsky and
    Gore Vidal) is “And so what?”

    The great thing about holding an MOQ perspective on political issues is that
    you can examine them with a better framework than those held by either the
    Left or the Right. As Pirsig indicated in chapter 17 of LILA, the MOQ
    allows you to consider the intellectual quality of an opinion outside these
    traditional pigeon holes. The problem that Thompson will find for himself
    (unless he’s read LILA) is that he’ll have only the Right to move towards
    and, as most people who understand the MOQ realise, the Right and its
    retrogressive beliefs are of lower intellectual quality than “post-modern
    liberalism” (as Thompson terms it). Moreover, I notice on Thompson’s
    website that the title of one of his recent books is “Angels and Aliens”
    which is not a good indication of his present intellectual credibility!

    As far as the Iraqi election is concerned, I think Thompson (as with your
    good self) needs to look more closely of how exactly the elections were run
    in January (e.g. insufficient external monitoring to ensure that they were
    genuinely free and democratic), the present situation on the ground in Iraq
    (which is deteriorating) and the fundamental reason for why the
    Anglo-American armed forces are there i.e. Iraq’s large oil reserves.

    So, the question that springs to mind then is when are you leaving the
    Right-wing strand of SOM political philosophy and joining the MOQ political
    point of view?

    You see I tend to get a bit sick every time I take a ride on that carousel
    you operate backwards and it also makes the young children (such as Baby
    Jesus) upset as their ponies (and donkeys) in real life don’t walk
    backwards. I’ve better things to do than explain away the contrary
    operation of “Holden’s Carousel of Faux Philosophy and Fairytales” to
    mystified parents and the occasional angry visitor. For instance, I
    received a written complaint from an obviously irate Mr Glendinning esq. of
    Reading, Berkshire just yesterday and I have it on good word that he’s even
    ripped up his pass for your carousel. This doesn’t bode well for the future
    custom of the whole fair!

    Yours sincerely,

    Dr Phlogiston-McWatt.

    Assistant Manager.

    Professor Pirsig's Wild West Chautauqua & Travelling Fair.

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