MD Holden's Carousel of Faux Philosophy & Fairytales

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Date: Fri May 27 2005 - 00:23:07 BST

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    Mr MacCavity proposed on May 26th:

    Somebody who is not open to diversity and choices should not really call
    themselves assistant manager. If it was up to you there would only be two
    choices of entertainment at the fair--a carousel and House of Mirrors.

    Phlogiston-McWatt replies:

    I have always been open to the utmost diversity in the fair. I'm only
    against those who would wish to close it, those who would operate it as
    “Professor Rorty’s School of Leadership & Post-modernism” and, of course,
    the occasional Freak.

    Mr MacCavity proposed:

    I never experienced the carousel moving backward…

    Phlogiston-McWatt replies:

    If Mr MacCavity puts on the appropriate spectacles, he will see the carousel
    slowly coming to a stop and then rapidly moving backwards every time
    anything of a political nature is discussed. This behaviour does disturb
    most visitors to the fair. I believe Mr Hamilton Priday esq., the owner of
    a derelict amusement park containing only secondhand and outdated machinery
    is the only person who can sustain this usually sick-inducing direction.

    Mr MacCavity observed:

    But with the stubborn owner's insistence of playing only classical music
    find the ride a little slow moving at times.

    Phlogiston-McWatt replies:

    Yes, that certainly impedes the forward velocity of the carousel at times
    though this is a relatively minor fault. As a corrective, the Doctor
    recommends a regular dose of psychedelic music for Mr Holden.

    Mr MacCavity accused:

    However the House of Mirrors run by you and DMB is equally unappealing,
    distortion is fun for awhile but it gets old.

    Phlogiston-McWatt replies:

    I believe Mr Buchanan actually runs the House of Fun and very successfully I
    believe. As the old bard used to say, never is a truer word spoken in jest!

    Mr MacCavity requested:

    Thanks to those who ignore your requests to leave this place one day may
    actually be quite the show. I respectfully ask you to resign your illusory
    position. This fair needs no stinking management.

    Phlogiston-McWatt replies:

    Firstly, please note that I bathe every day so do not fit in the category of
    “stinking management”. Moreover, without a management, the Freaks could
    eventually take the fair over and if this unfortunate event ever happened,
    it would no doubt quickly deteriorate and close. To assist the fair owner
    to continue a high quality tradition of speculation and amusement, I will
    presently have to politely decline your request.

    Good day to you, sir!

    Dr Phlogiston-McWatt.

    Assistant Manager.

    Professor Pirsig's Wild West Chautauqua & Travelling Fair.

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