RE: MD NAZIs and Pragmatism

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Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 19:35:13 GMT

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    Erin says:
    see this is what is confusing me, I ask for examples of action and i get
    a long talk about stopping the talk. Now I enjoyed the talk a lot. I
    want you to think I don't appreciate it. But I don't like this guilt
    that is layed on me for talking about metaphysics when I don't see much
    from the callers of action. I would be interested in the "pratical"
    application ideas thrown around here BUT I don't see the value in the
    lecture of stop talking, and do something. It reminds me of a parent
    a child to teach them to stop hitting their sibling.

    Give blood
    Volunteer in your community
    Run for office
    Write letters to the editor on issues of importance to you
    Sit on your coach and watch E! or MTV
    Eat until you're monolithic and unwieldy
    Mow my lawn
    Join the military and participate in Bush's messianic vision of Pax
    Emmigrate to Iceland and watch the calamity from the comfort of a hot
    Go to Brazil and dance, drink and fuck yourself limp
    Learn to tap dance
    Write a book

    Live your life.

    I honestly am stumped for what you're looking for. I'm finding it hard
    to believe that someone as outspoken, imaginitive and combative as you
    has a hard time finding ways to pass the time or struggles to stand for
    your convictions.

    Choose Thyself. And it so choosing, choose for all mankind.


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