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    > Matt:
    > Yeah, kinda' like it might be possible that the use of Socrates undercuts
    > any Platonic attempt to hypostatize. The subtle undercuttings is in
    > particular how I read Pirsig when he says Phaedrus is a "mild-mannered
    > hyperintellectual." But even with subtle undercuts, it is hard to keep a
    > straight face and say, "Pirsig has zero tensions between a
    > post-metaphysical pragmatist pose and a Platonic, metaphysical pose."
    > Scott and Platt want to argue that metaphysics is just another name for
    > philosophy, thus possibly making some of these tensions disappear, but I
    > still hold out for keeping them seperate and I still think that even in
    > this reading many of the tensions remain.

    Hello Matt,
    It's quite shocking to see how ridiculous you are becoming. Quite shocking.
    It saddens me to see the forum being silted up with your brand of detritus,
    but you are free to do it, and you do it very well.
    May i ask a question?
    How do you feel you have improved understanding of Quality?

    Also, re: metaphysics or first philosophy. For pity's sake, will you not
    understand enquiry into the groundstuff of reality is a most legitimate area
    for philosophers? I know the likes of Hume would have all books upon the
    subject burned on the fire, but we can't burn metaphysicians on the fire can


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