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Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 12:31:46 GMT

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    Hi Wim,

    > I don't think discussing the 'truth' of 'Pirsig's MoQ is incompatible with
    > Christianity' is very useful. We can use our different understandings
    > however to clarify our different interpretations. Clarifying our own
    > versions of MoQ and Christianity seems more interesting to me however,
    > clarifying our interpretation of Pirsig's MoQ and of 'traditional
    > Christianity'.

    Certainly *our* conversations are better suited to the latter, but if - as I
    believe Horse once said - the MoQ requires robust criticism if it is to grow
    and develop as a [metaphysics/final vocabulary/weltanschaaung/new
    religion/delete or replace as appropriate] then a sustained engagement with
    another school of thought is surely of some use. If I ever get around to it,
    I'll write something substantial about the MoQ and Christianity, giving a
    proper, 'formal', articulation of my perspective, deriving from the
    Sophocles not Socrates thread. But it'll be a while away yet.


    "Only the Americans could save us from annihilation. If they do not come,
    there will soon be no Muslims left in the former Yugoslavia. The Europeans
    will debate until we are all dead."
    (Alija Izetbegovich, then the president of Bosnia-Herzegovina, in 1993)

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