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Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 11:19:10 GMT

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    I agree, and would add this: When the experience of
    art is analysed in a SOM framework we are clearly an
    integral part of the equation. We are the subject,
    the painting is the object. In the MoQ the notion of
    the self is necessarily deconstructed, and 'we' become
    less of a clear-cut part of the 'experience'. The
    difficulty in conceiving of 'yourself' within the MoQ
    (that is, the SOM model of 'yourself') means that an
    MoQ analysis of an 'experience' of art seems less of
    an intense event in you.

     --- johnny moral <> wrote: >
    Hi Zykaine,
    > I think all things are experienced through an SOM
    > framework. Experience
    > implies a SOM framework, it implies a subject
    > experiencing an object. The
    > more the subject feels like a subject and
    > experiences the object as an
    > object, the more intense the experience. When seen
    > from an MOQ framework
    > though, the passion goes away, it is just a quality
    > event with the patterns
    > of value being created on both ends. It's hard to
    > feel passionate when you
    > see yourself as just a pattern of value.

    From Matt.

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