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Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 15:56:12 GMT

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    ... I feel that when SOM is nullified experience of Quality diminishes

    Hello Z. Z is dead? Anyway...

    Are not delusions genius and so much more experientially
    fullfilling when captivated and lost within them? The root of this belief is
    experience. How about insanity (so-called) and the SOM metaphysical journeys
    - so full, dynamic, intense, complex and rich - like a state of emergency? A
    SOM crisis is so enthralling. Peace isn't.

    Sq: You appear to be describing biological responses. These are indeed
    exciting, but if they were real you would no doubt crap in your pants and
    rather wish for safety. Once you have crossed over the line between enjoyment
    and a necessary trip to the Laundromat, then it's all a tad too much?

    SOM experience, even when lost in
    so-called delusions, to myself, is much richer - having been with the peace
    of it's nullification for some time. It can be so full of Good experience
    that I wish Pirsig had not said to kill it.

    Regards, from a SOM dweller who has been a MOQ dweller - but recanted!


    Sq: By a gun and play Russian roulette. That should, 'Make your day.'

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