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Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 16:11:31 GMT

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    Johnny Moral, Squonk, Platt, all,

    I think I heard Squonk say recently that evolution of the static levels is
    toward DQ, as if eventually there will be no more static patterns (perhaps
    I've misunderstood). Like Johnny Moral, I also didn't think that statement
    made much sense, since static patterns emerged out of undifferentiated
    Quality. As I see it, if static patterns were so bad, they wouldn't have
    happened, so evolution can't be about getting rid of them but rather getting
    better ones.

    I disagree that evolution has 'no goal' as Johnny Moral says. Evolution (on
    all levels as well as evolution of new levels) tends toward 'better-ness'
    from which I think it follows that static patterns are better than no
    patterns at all.

    Darwin's value-free 'survival of the survivors' is explained as 'survival of
    the biologically better'--a dynamic process through which all species are
    continually changing in response to one another, so 'best' has no fixed
    meaning, yet through this process, life forms get better and better. In
    that way I could think of biological evolution as moving toward DQ (but
    better, perhaps, is moving by way of DQ?) While a biological entity could
    never get any closer to or further from DQ. DQ is a metaphor for this sort
    of process at work that acts not just on the biological level but on all
    static levels.

    (Now I'm just thinking out loud)

    ..and between levels as well. Just as all species are constantly changing
    in response to one another within the biological level, all social patterns
    are changing in response to one another, and all intellectual patterns are
    changing in response to one another. Likewise, social patterns change in
    response to the ever-changing biological patterns, and intellectual patterns
    change in response to the ever-changing social patterns. (Can a lower level
    change in response to a higher one? hmmm) All of this adaptation produces
    better and better patterns and even new levels. This process is what we've
    come to describe as DQ...(oh no!...Did I just describe DQ as a static
    pattern--the process of patterns responding to other patterns? There could
    be a problem here.)

    I'd be glad to hear what others think about evolution and DQ.


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