Re: MD Pirsig the postmodernist?

From: Platt Holden (
Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 - 14:34:19 GMT

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    Matt S:

    >Specifically, the
    > idea of the intellectual level seems to reintroduce
    > the problematic notions of the self, of human
    > rationality, of ideas, that fly in the face od the
    > concerns about 'humanism' in philosophy that Foucault
    > has warned us of, for example.

    Perhaps you could explain to us why self and human rationality are
    "problematic notions."

    > Thus, is not
    > the introduction of an 'intellectual level' a
    > dangerous move, tempting people into seeing people as
    > 'beings', with 'ideas', not purely patterns?

    What's the danger in seeing people as beings with ideas?

    > The reason why the MoQ appealed to me in the first
    > place is that it first seemed to remove problematic
    > concepts such as the self and the truth and so on,
    > from reality, and re-phrase it purely in terms of
    > structure.

    "Self"and "truth" are "problematic concepts?" How so? What other
    concepts are problematic as indicated by your phrase "and so on?"


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