Re: MD Pirsig the postmodernist?

Date: Wed Feb 26 2003 - 15:07:03 GMT

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    Matt, Platt,

    Your latest round of discourse concluded with this exchange:

    > >I fail to see any agreement between the MOQ and
    > >postmodern theory
    > >which begins by denying the existence of a universal
    > >truth while at the
    > >same time asserting its denial to be universally
    > >true. Do you see the
    > >absurdity?
    > Pirsig interrogates the very basis upon which thought
    > takes place; he shows how thought within the SOM is
    > not, as previously thought, a true window on reality,
    > but rather just one way of perceiving reality; he
    > nihilistically denies the rightful sovereignty of any
    > mode of thought – this is virtually a dictionary
    > definition of postmodernism as it applies to discourse
    > on thought. And I think your sentence perhaps
    > misrepresents the postmodernists – I think they would
    > rather it be phrased “all I can be sure of is that
    > there is no universal truth”.

    I'm beginning to think absurdity is an integral aspect of every scientific
    and philosophical system. Which in a way is comforting. Everyone needs a
    sense of humor.

    My view on postmodernism is that at its core it simply emphasizes the
    "eraser" of the scientific method. The SCI-method itself says there are no
    100% airtight facts, a detail which bothered the young Pirsig. I believe what
    Matt is saying is that both Pirsig and postmodernism say that certain aspects
    of reality are indefinable.


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