Re: MD Pirsig the postmodernist?

Date: Wed Feb 26 2003 - 21:49:48 GMT

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    > Jon,
    > >I believe what
    > >Matt is saying is that both Pirsig and postmodernism
    > >say that certain aspects
    > >of reality are indefinable.
    > What I'm saying goes beyond this - my view on Pirsig's
    > application regarding postmodernism is that he deals
    > with how to live, or moreover, how to think, within a
    > world where indeterminacy has recently been shown to
    > strike blows for the big universal concepts that have
    > dominated our lives, and our thinking, up until the
    > middle of the 20th century. You can deny that
    > absolute morals exist (a simplistic example of
    > postmodernity), but you can't deny that there exist
    > certain patterns of value that favour certain moral
    > configurations (Pirsig) - hence Pirsig helps forge a
    > new 'thought' that allows one to cope better with
    > indeterminacy than SOM.
    Matt, I was simply trying to find a happy medium between your view and
    Platt's total rejection of postmodernism (if this is not his view, I'm sure
    he'll speak up). A little diplomacy never hurts. And I always end up going
    back to the essential message of both ZMM *and* LILA: the indefinability of

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