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Date: Tue Mar 11 2003 - 04:10:25 GMT

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    I'll take your questions one at a time.

    DMB asked, "Why do you hardly ever discuss the actual structure of the MOQ?"

    This links with your monologue in another post:

    DMB said:
    I've noticed that you hardly ever post on any topics except for a few
    specific areas. You hardly ever join discussions unless they are related to
    Rorty or pragmatism and stuff like that. Why? Are you uninterested in
    actually discussing the MOQ as such? I mean, there's nothing wrong with
    bringing up tangential issues, but what about Lila? After all this time, I
    still haven't the foggiest idea what you think of the MOQ itself, only as
    it relates to metaphysics in general.

    Well, of late I've only written posts when they are directed towards me.
    But I typically only write when I feel like I have something interesting to
    add, and that happens to be in a few areas like Rorty or pragmatism or
    post-modernism. We all write on topics we find interesting. I wouldn't
    have it any other way.

    As for the MoQ, I have discussed Pirsig's philosophy, but, I'm certainly
    willing to admit, it often gets lost in a lot of metaphilosophy. I mean, I
    haven't worked everything out in my head or on paper about what I think
    about all of the parts Pirsig touches on. I offer cursory thoughts when
    they strike me, but other than that I stay out the way because I feel as
    though there is a lot of unneeded pressure on having all of your thoughts
    ordered and well-developed here. And when people do start a successful
    brainstorm on some topic, I don't want to step in and muck it up. If I
    have a thought, I'll say it, if not, I choose not to say anything.


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