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Date: Tue Mar 11 2003 - 04:49:51 GMT

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    [I forgot to rename the last two]

    DMB asked, "Why ignore the profound distinctions between religion and

    Because I agree with Sam in saying that I don't think the distinctions are
    that profound. I think all distinctions are malleable and sometimes it's
    helpful to analogize the two, sometimes it's helpful to keep them distinct.

    But this hooks up with a criticism that you and Squonk brought out against
    me. Squonk and you objected to my opening analogy the MoQ and religion in
    my essay. But as Andy said, "it is only an analogy which he [Matt] begins
    his essay with, it hardly destroys the main thrust of Matt's argument."
    The analogy was made for rhetorical convenience. It hooked up with my
    title and how I've fallen from being solely a Pirsigian philosopher. It
    also hooks up with the end where I offer some interpretations of religion
    in the MoQ, an interpretation that only scratchs at the surface.

    This is partly why I'm so flabergasted by the objections to my analogy. I
    would figure that most readers of Pirsig would understand the centrality of
    religion to the MoQ. Does mysticism not find its most prominent voice in
    religious garb? I don't know, I guess maybe Andy was right, I shouldn't
    have started my essay that way. But, I figure saying something provacative
    is sometimes a good approach. Oh well, I can't win them all.


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