Re: MD Heroes, ethnocentrism, Qualtiy, and War

Date: Wed Mar 12 2003 - 21:27:04 GMT

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    Hi Platt,

    You wrote:

    I recently came across the same quote from Rorty. But it went like this:

    "There are no objective standards by which to evaluate or criticize social

    and political practices. No matter what is done to the citizens of a
    country, they can have no objective grounds on which to protest. Once
    men could criticize political dictators. ‘There is something within you
    which you are betraying. Though you embody the practices of a
    totalitarian society which will endure forever, there is something beyond
    those practices which condemns you.’ We can no longer say that. Now
    we know that there is no knowledge, no values, no standards. Now we
    must accept the fact that we have not once seen the Truth, and so will
    not, intuitively, recognize it when we see it again. This means that when
    the secret police come, when the torturers violate the innocent, there is
    nothing to be said to them.”

    Quite a different meaning from the one you began your post with.

    Andy: I quite agree, that is why I didn't begin with your qoute.


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