Re: MD Mysticism and the appearance/reality distinction

From: Elizaphanian (
Date: Tue Apr 01 2003 - 13:01:56 BST

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    Hi Matt

    Whilst I was looking up one quote, I came across this one, which I thought
    you would appreciate:

    "I read, '...philosophers are no nearer to the meaning of 'Reality' than
    Plato got....'. What a strange situation. How extraordinary that Plato could
    have got even as far as he did! Or that we could not get any further! Was it
    because Plato was so *extremely* clever?" (LW, Culture and Value, p15)


    Also, and a bit more relevant:
    "What a Copernicus or a Darwin really achieved was not the discovery of a
    true theory but of a fertile new point of view." (CV p18)


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