Re: MD Mysticism and the appearance/reality distinction

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Date: Tue Apr 01 2003 - 12:58:07 BST

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    Hi all following this one,

    A remark of Rick's put me in mind of a lovely quote from my favourite
    philosopher. Rick said:

    > Sorry bout that. And just for the record, the reason it doesn't sound
    > a traditional 'mediation' to me is because it would mean that 'mediation'
    > synonymous with 'experience'.

    Wittgenstein said:
    "It is very *remarkable* that we should be inclined to think of
    civilisation - houses, trees, cars etc - as separating man from his origins,
    from what is lofty and eternal, etc. Our civilised environment, along with
    its trees and plants, strikes us then as though it were cheaply wrapped in
    cellophane and isolated from everything great, from God, as it were. That is
    a remarkable picture that intrudes on us."

    I think that we are still a little haunted by the image of the Cartesian
    theatre, ie that there is an 'I' inside us, which is processing all the
    various sense data that the body processes and delivers to it. There is no
    mediation, perhaps that is the conclusion to be drawn. In other words, I
    think that mediation probably IS experience, in most cases.


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