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Date: Tue Apr 01 2003 - 16:09:33 BST

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    Hi Sam, Rick:

    > Can you think of any 'facts' which are not able to be characterised as
    > social level static latches? I do think this is an interesting question....
    In the sense that "facts" are embedded in language, and language is a
    social level phenomena, I suppose all facts can be considered social
    level static latches. Is that what you mean?

    Which leads to an interesting question. If we accept Pirsig's definition of
    the intellectual level to be the same as mind, and if mind is "the
    collection and manipulation of symbols created in the brain, that stand
    for patterns of experience," and if symbols are only meaningful in the
    context (thanks Rick) of a society, then is not intellect basically social?

    We know, of course, that all levels are dependent on the levels below
    them. So it's no surprise that intellect has a lot of social stuff in it. So
    what makes intellect stand out?

    My guess is that what makes intellect rise above social is the initial
    creative act of making a symbol. Just as a thing doesn't exist if we've
    never observed it, a thing doesn't exist if we've never named
    (symbolized) it. So what separates the social from the intellectual is the
    individual who creates symbols to form patterns of meaning. Though we
    inherit most of our symbols and symbolic patterns, someone had to be

    Just thinking out loud. Make sense to you?


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