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Date: Thu Apr 03 2003 - 05:18:13 BST

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    Hi Rick,

    You wrote to Sam:

        I know. Religion has plenty to say about how we should live. It just
    has no way to back up those claims. It draws them as if from the air and
    backs them up with faith alone.

    Rick, it doesn't draw them from the air! Guess where I'm going to say it
    draws them from! :-) The Ten Commandments are observations of human
    behavior, ie, Static Patterns. They are predictions, expectations (and
    yes, expectation is faith). We probably will not kill, we probably will not
    commit adultery, etc. "Shall" describes reality. The ones that aren't
    predictions, "Honor your mother and father" and "Remember the Sabbath day",
    are also the only ones that say what will happen if we don't rather than
    make an expectation about our behavior. If we don't remember the sabbath
    day, we won't keep it holy, and if we don't honor our mother and father, our
    days won't be long upon the land (we stop living!). The moral "commandment"
    - the ought - is because it is good when expectation is realized, bad when
    it is not. Good, in fact, is nothing but expectation being realized.


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