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From: Steve Peterson (
Date: Thu Apr 03 2003 - 18:16:57 BST

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    Hi Johnny,

    You said:
    > I have some more comments, this time I come strapped with explosive Pirsig
    > quotes.

    > Lila chapter 26:
    > "Phaedrus recognized that there's nothing <i>immoral</i> in a culture not
    > being ready to accept something Dynamic."
    > So, I think Pirsig and I are using it the same way. Assuming that what he
    > means by Dynamic is 'better' (a defintion of Dynamic that is
    > self-referential and circular, if you ask me) he is specifically saying that
    > moral DOES NOT equal better.

    I've lent my copy of Lila, so I can't look up the context, but I would
    assume he is saying that *within the social moral order*, it is moral for a
    society to preserve itself and protect itself from change, but the social
    level is not the whole of the MOQ universe.

    I suppose taking each level individually, one could say it is moral to "stay
    with the flock," as someone summed up your philosophy, but when taking the
    moral orders of the four levels and DQ as a whole, I think you are
    misinterpreting Pirsig.


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