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From: Platt Holden (
Date: Fri Apr 04 2003 - 15:24:59 BST

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    Hey Joe:

    > On 02 April 2003 5:55AM Platt writes:
    > How about looking at it another way? Since bodily organs directly or
    > indirectly respond to and utilize environmental phenomena (lungs-air,
    > stomach-food, eyes-scene) perhaps the brain likewise responds to and
    > utilizes a field of awareness already present in the environment.
    > joe: Is awareness in the individual or "present in the
    > environment"? I would say both, and I am a tree-hugger. Is awareness only
    > in the environment, and present in me as part of a pattern? I do not want
    > to change the awareness in the environment, until I know to change myself.
    > I want to be able to practice changing my awareness, and if I am wrong to
    > go in another direction.
    Let's not confuse the injunction "raise your awareness" (as of a potential
    environmental catastrophe) with just being aware of everything in general
    and nothing in particular. In other words, pure awareness prior to any
    pattern whatsoever what is I mean by "field of awareness" just as in
    quantum physics there's a field of potential prior to any trace of activity
    or change.

    > Platt:
    > I'm confused by your claim that there are "three aspects of dq present in
    > the formation of patterns."
    > joe: I accept intuition. I think Pirsig does. I want to use words.
    > Instead of abstraction as a basis for words, I use 'forming a pattern' to
    > which I assign a word.
    > I accept by intuition that I exist. 'Existence' becomes an aspect of the
    > pattern.
    > I accept by intuition that I act. 'Purpose' becomes an aspect of the
    > pattern.
    > I intuit. (This is different than I act.) 'Quality' becomes an aspect of
    > the pattern.

    Your three aspects of DQ reminds me of William James' four aspects of
    a "fact:"

    "A conscious field

    plus its object as felt or thought of

    plus an attitude towards the object

    plus the sense of a self to who the attitude belongs

     --such a concrete bit of personal experience may be a small bit, but it
    is a solid bit as long as it lasts; not hollow, not a mere abstract element
    of experience such as the “object” is when taken alone. It is a full fact of
    the kind to which all realities whatsoever must belong."


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