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Date: Sat Apr 05 2003 - 16:25:40 BST

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    Hi Steve:

    > Again, I see dynamic morality as what one does who follows DQ or the Tao or
    > submits to the will of God. (Note, Johnny, that I do not equate DQ and
    > dynamic morality. If you reread what I wrote, you will see that my point
    > was to distinguish the two.) Such a morality can not be written down as a
    > set of laws for all to follow, since it is the morality of not clinging to
    > laws and allowing yourself to be ruled by DQ instead.
    > I think there is an absolute best action for me at every instant, but I
    > won't find it by clinging to fixed rules of conduct. I also think that the
    > best action for me right now is not the same as the best action for you
    > right now.
    I take it then that you disagree with Pirsig's moral hierarchy and his
    assertion that:

    "We're at last dealing with morals on the basis of reason. We can now
    deduce codes based on evolution that analyze moral arguments with
    greater precision than before." (13)

    From your description it appears that you're dealing with morals on the
    basis of what feels good at the moment because I don't detect any
    rational basis for your actions.

     Where have I gone wrong?


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