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Date: Sun Apr 06 2003 - 18:16:24 BST

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    Hi David,

    > DMB SAYS:
    > There are statistics about this stuff....
    > I think Rick has solid reasons for thinking that Christians tend to take
    > literally. Its true, at least in the USA. Fundamentalism is an extreme
    > postion is the sense that it is a radically divergent worldview, but in
    > terms of numbers and such, it really IS quite mainstream. The predominance
    > of fundamentalism in our politics and in our cultural life is hard to
    > ignore. This is not a caricature, just a snapshot of the sociological
    > landscape.

    This is interesting and suggests I should be a bit more cautious in my
    language. Confirmation in today's newspaper: apparently 56% of US citizens
    expect the Book of Revelation to be literally enacted (which given events in
    the Middle East should perhaps give us pause).

    > PS Sam, there are more Anglicans in Africa than in the UK, and they tend
    > be far more theologically conservative. I guess that makes you a
    > of sorts. ;-)

    He he! Very true! Fortunately the head of the Anglican Church is someone
    who taught me, and my views are really only a pale imitiation of his.


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