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Date: Mon Apr 14 2003 - 00:50:59 BST

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    DMB quoted a bit of material from Wilber which basically shows Wilber
    committing the same mistake I attribute to Platt and DMB: woeful
    caricatures. Foucault in his worse moments may supply fodder for this
    caricature. Habermas and Taylor may buy into this caricature, too. But
    Rorty does not and has replied (I say successfully) to these objections
    from Habermas and Taylor. My advice to those who want to support Habermas,
    Taylor, and Wilber is to at least attend to the verbiage I've spilled on
    this discussion list in trying to separate good post-modernism from bad

    I simply wanted to note publicly my eye-rolling.


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