Re: MD God relieves from suffering?

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Date: Mon Apr 14 2003 - 19:03:40 BST

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    Do post modernists actually advocate that "moral" lose its meaning and
    become the same as prudence, or are they merely explaining to us that it is
    happening, because we aren't immersing ourselves in a cultural context

    Do they say that people should not embrace whole-heartedly their cultural
    context and believe in their mythos? Do they advocate that everyone have
    their own image of God, or do they just see the emptiness looming ahead
    before most people do, now that everyone has their own image of God, and no
    one has a problem with that, and then try to offer a prescription for living
    meaningfully within that emptiness?

    Platt, do you want to go back to charging people with heresy?


    >From: "Platt Holden" <>
    >Subject: Re: MD God relieves from suffering?
    >Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 12:47:03 -0400
    >Hi Wim:
    > > Transcendence cannot be caught in an image or formula, transcendence
    > > happens, occurs, befalls you, is an experience that is unconditional and
    > > universally binding.
    >Yes. Undeniably true. Transcendent experiences always come as a
    > > Our postmodern culture has forgot how to think in
    > > those terms. Everyone is allowed to have his or her own image of god; we
    > > will respect him or her in it. I have no problems with that; it is a
    > > necessary stage, the stage of not charging others with heresy anymore;
    > > all fits with my idea that we are dealing with our own images if we talk
    > > about god. If that is all, the postmodern emptiness looms ahead, in
    > > everything is allowed and nothing matters anymore.
    >Yes. The postmodern view is bleak indeed, especially when you
    >consider the words of one its spokesman, Richard Rorty, who asserts
    >that "the distinction between morality and prudence, and the term
    >'moral' itself, are no longer very useful."
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