Re: MD Undeniable Facts

From: Steve Peterson (
Date: Wed Apr 16 2003 - 13:19:02 BST

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    > Steve said:
    > Since Pirsig considers himself "a Zen person," it is doubtful to me that he
    > would see "being trapped in words" as anything other than a corruption of
    > experience.
    > Matt:
    > Ah, but see your reading Pirsig as buying into metaphysics, or rather, as
    > buying into language as a medium between us and reality. I think Pirsig
    > sometimes makes motions towards the pragmatist misreading I've done, but I
    > would still agree that Pirsig may still be, as I would put it, caught in an
    > outdated conversation.

    Maybe someone who is more knowledgeable than I am about Zen could explain
    how Zen and being "trapped in words" may be related.

    I think Matt may be right in thinking that a Zen person would see "language
    as a medium between us and reality," but would mean it in a very negative

    Would a Zen person agree that our attachment to words (and the pairs of
    opposites that they imply) prevents us from experiencing reality as it
    really is?


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