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From: Scott R (
Date: Fri Apr 18 2003 - 02:22:37 BST

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    > Scott said:
    > What would you say to saying that DQ *is* the primary context, and that is
    > why it cannot be "seen"? (This leaves Quality as being beyond the
    > context/in-context distinction.)
    > Matt:
    > I still hesitate with the word "primary." If we ubquitize DQ or Quality
    > be the broad context in which everything happens, make it synonymous with
    > "reality" and "universe," then I fail to see the need for the word
    > "primary." But I don't know.

    As I said in my reply to Johnny, I am suggesting looking on DQ as "primary
    context", not "primary", while Quality is beyond (or behind) even the
    context/content distinction. The thought sequence is that to be *aware* of
    any bit of SQ, that bit has to fit into a context -- call it a language
    game -- but that language game also needs to fit into an enveloping context,
    etc. Now in our S/O type of consciousness, we can conceive of "pure
    perception", and so I suggest relating this phrase with DQ.

    There is also a mystical connection to this, so it is not entirely
    word-spinning. I am referring to the account of Franklin Merrell-Wolff. He
    first experienced an Awakening in which he reduced his subjectivity to --
    speaking analogously (Merrell-Wolff likes mathematical analogies) -- a
    mathematical point, i.e., dimensionless, and "realized" what he called the
    Pure Subject. And this was just wonderful and blissful, and so on, but about
    a month later he had another Awakening, in which the Pure Subject itself was
    transcended into what he called (first) High Indifference, and later
    Consciousness-without-an-Object. (see the chapter "A Mystical Unfoldment" in
    "Philosophy of Consciousness-without-an-Object"). So here I am merely tying
    DQ to the Pure Subject, and Quality to Consciousness-without-an-Object.

    - Scott

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