Re: MD What is a living being?

From: Elizaphanian (
Date: Mon Apr 28 2003 - 15:17:19 BST

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    Hi Paul,

    Speaking for myself, I am not only not irritated, but I am very interested in your take on this
    thread, and I think you are onto something. Moreover, I think your last post is a model of clarity;
    I wish there were more such.

    I'll have a think about a more substantive response, but don't give up on the grounds that people
    might be irritated by what you are writing. Firstly, people are free to read or not read whatever
    they choose. Secondly, if regular posters here were put off by the prospect of irritating people,
    I'm sure there would be many fewer posts!

    NB my postscript of the moment.


    "Even to have expressed a false thought boldly and clearly is already to have gained a great deal."
    Wittgenstein, 1948

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