Re: MD What is a living being?

From: phyllis bergiel (
Date: Mon Apr 28 2003 - 17:28:26 BST

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    Hi Sam, Paul, others,

    The last part of your most recent post said:>
    > I think abandoning 'living being' as a useful term in the Moq might be the
    way forward. Which is
    > fine if you're happy with Pirsig's idea that the MoQ needs to keep
    developing, less fine if you
    > think that 'Lila' needs to be set in aspic as the sacred text....

    Please, please don't do this. (Rather dramatic, but I am quite passionate
    about this.) I don't think Lila nees to be set in aspic, concrete etc. The
    reason I object to dropping the term living being is that you make of this
    philosophy something so abstract that it is irrelevant to life. And while
    philosophy may "bake no bread" we do it great harm if we disconnect it from
    its ability to be life informing. I think this is the reason for the
    success of LILA and ZAMM. There are faces on the ideas.



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