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Date: Wed Apr 30 2003 - 04:03:07 BST

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    Hi Paul,

    I'm responding to your post because you seem to be spearheading and
    organizing the topic. Quite well too!

    So, 3 points:
    1) I'm not sure how we got from living being to human being. Seems to me
    that living beings are able to respond to dynamic quality. Esp. if we
    perceive dynamic quality as art in some form as Sam has claimed in his
    eudamonia essay. I'm not claiming intellectual understanding for them, but
    can't some animals respond to DQ. Could that be how those that did became
    social animals and thus more biologically successful? Horses, wolves,
    elephants? And couldn't we say that those animals which became domesticated
    were responding to DQ? Even today, it seems that those that are
    domesticated enjoy a "better" life?

    2) If anyone has time for a fun "anthropological fiction" read, may I
    suggest Jean Auel's Earth's Children series. I'm not suggesting this as a
    scholarlly read about human development, but the aspects of how humans added
    to their knowledge base is interesting and her speculations on how primitive
    man coped with new situations has some possibilities for ways to see DQ.
    > 3)Another post said something about technology as human evolution - if we
    think of it as an expansion of human brain storage capacity, Hmmm....


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