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From: David Buchanan (
Date: Sat Aug 02 2003 - 21:44:50 BST

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    Steve and all:

    DMB said:
    You haven't given us one good reason why anyone should think Pirsig means
    she does when he says she doesn't. ..After the smoke clears I can see that
    there is still no good reason.

    Steve replied:
    I disagree, and I'm anxious to hear some "good reasons" to support your
    interpretation in light of Platt's list of quotes on whether she does or not
    which are consistent with my interpretation.

    dmb says:
    Hmmm. That's almost an answer. You think the quotes support your
    interpretation? Please show me how. Show me your reasoning. Don't just
    assert it or declare it. Take me from the quote to your conclusion; that
    Lila has intellectual quality. I don't think you can get there from here.

    chapter 13:
    "Does Lila have Quality? Biologically she does, socially she doesn't.
    Obviously! Evolutionary morality just splits that whole question open like a
    watermelon. .. Biologicall she's fine, socially she's pretty far down the

    chapter 17:
    "She missed the whole point of everything. She's after Quality, like
    everybody else, but she defines it entirely in biological terms. She DOESN'T
    SEE INTELLECTUAL QUALITY AT ALL. Its outside her range. She doesn't even see
    social quality."


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