Re: MD Lila's Child (SOM)

From: Platt Holden (
Date: Mon Aug 04 2003 - 12:12:18 BST

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    Hi Steve,

    > Platt said: " At the intellectual level you
    > think for yourself. At the social level, you think like everyone else."
    > Steve:
    > Previously you seemed to support that intellect is simply thinking. Are
    > you now going the route of Bo and DMB in saying that there is social
    > thinking and intellectual thinking or are you talking about dominance
    > again?

    I'm talking about dominance.
    > When defining social patterns of value rather than describing a
    > relatively social pattern dominated person, I would have said, "at the
    > social level, you copy the behavior of others *without* thinking."
    I like it. It gets in the 'discrete' thing and better meets your
    'impersonal' criteria.



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