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Date: Sat Aug 09 2003 - 12:38:41 BST

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    Hi Sam,

    > Another cracking article from Karen Armstrong for those interested in
    > the myth/reason/religion issue. Nothing we haven't covered, but she says
    > it well:

    Fine article. Thanks for the reference. Did you notice Ms. Armstrong's
    belief that intellect (logos) goes way back in human history, in fact,
    to the very beginning? Here's what she says:

    "There were two ways of arriving at truth, which Plato called mythos
    and logos (reason). They complemented each other and were of equal
    stature; both were essential. Unlike mythos, logos had to relate
    accurately to the external world from the very earliest days, we used
    it to create effective weapons and to run our societies efficiently."

    Those who believe intellect (logos, reason, thinking, the manipulation
    of symbols) suddenly emerged in ancient Greece may want to reconsider.

    Armstrong goes on to suggest that the intellect level (as opposed to
    intellect as a method of ascertaining truth) arose "as a result of the
    scientific revolution" when "logos achieved such spectacular results in
    the west that myth was discredited."

    In other words, the intellectual level arose when logos became


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