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Date: Sun Aug 10 2003 - 15:27:25 BST

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    > Paul:
    > I agree that "Dynamic intellect" is a logical contradiction. However,
    > the MOQ nevertheless gives intellectual meaning to the RELATIONSHIP of
    > Dynamic Quality to static intellectual patterns.
    > 'It seems to me that a keystone in a bridge between the Metaphysics of
    > Quality and Complementarity may be established if what has been called
    > the "unmeasured phenomenal object" is now called the "The Conceptually
    > Unknown" and what is called "Dynamic Quality" is also called "The
    > Conceptually Unknown." Then the two come together. I would guess that
    > the Conceptually Unknown is an unacceptable category in physics because
    > it is intellectually meaningless and physics is only concerned with what
    > is intellectually meaningful. That also might be why Bohr never
    > mentioned it. However I think that this avoidance of The Conceptually
    > Unknown should be revised. It is like saying that the number zero is
    > unacceptable to mathematics because there's nothing there. Mathematics
    > has done very well with the number "zero" despite that fact. The
    > Conceptually Unknown, it seems to me is a workable intellectual category
    > for the description of nature and it ought to be worked more." SODV
    > And on my use of the term "aesthetic":
    > "This aesthetic nature of the Conceptually Unknown is a point of
    > connection between the sciences and the arts. What relates science to
    > the arts is that science explores the Conceptually Unknown in order to
    > develop a theory that will cover measurable patterns emerging from the
    > unknown. The arts explore the Conceptually Unknown in other ways to
    > create patterns such as music, literature, painting, that reveal the
    > Dynamic Quality that produced them. This description, I think, is the
    > rational connection between science and the arts." SODV
    > Paul

    Hello Paul,
    Whatever this alternative metaphysics says, i do not feel it makes creative
    use of the relationship between DQ and SQ. DQ-SQ tension may be said to be the
    living cutting pressure of experience, and it applies at all levels,
    inorganic, organic, social and intellectual simultaneously. The cutting edge is our
    sense of beauty i feel - beauty is one of the most dynamic aspects of life - a
    mathematician feels it when he/she creates a new piece of mathematical art, a
    new solution, a new method. At this point, the relationship between our static
    repertoire is extremely important.


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