Re: RE: MD Pirsig, Falck, and Wolfram

Date: Sat Aug 16 2003 - 20:10:01 BST

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    > dmb says:
    > It seems that Matt has become a victim of the Cleveland Harbor
    > effect and
    > has apparently become lost in the ideological landscape. There is
    > no doubt
    > that Paglia is a hero among conservatives, especially right wing
    > libertarians. I'm not at all surprized that Platt would like her.
    > It only
    > figures. Bloom is also well liked by the Right. Sure, they might
    > be friends,
    > but then so are Ann Coulter and Bill Mahr. In fact they are very good
    > friends, yet they disagree about almost everything. What surprizes
    > me is
    > that Matt, who is obviously a very bright guy, could be so mixed
    > up about
    > these things. Which team are you on, Matt? It seems your
    > ideological radar
    > needs to be repaired. I can only hope that you don't become an
    > intellectualair traffic controller. Hate see anybocy get hurt.
    > Crash and Ka Boom! :-0
    > Thanks,
    > dmb

    As I told Platt, it was more a joke than anything else, an expression of my surprise, but Paglia, Bloom, Rorty, and Derrida have more philosophically in common than I think many here think (at the least, Bloom, Rorty, and Derrida) and I don't think any of the four are conservative (not sure about Bloom), meaning that if conservatives like them, its probably more because of a misconstrual.


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