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Date: Sun Aug 17 2003 - 02:41:46 BST

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    Matt said:
    > And then to say that "intersubjective agreement" is "checking with you
    > neighbor to know if something is true" is just an asanine misconstrual,
    > a demagogic trick to put people off my path. I usually say what I mean,
    > and if I had meant, "Hey, if you want to know if it is true that a tiger
    > is about to eat you, you had better go check with somebody," I would
    > have said it. But that's not what intersubjective agreement cashes out
    > to mean.

    Platt replied:
    It's a shame to see Matt resorting to name calling, a sure sign of a
    weak position.

    dmb says:
    Name calling? Even from my non-Rortian point of view it seems like Matt is
    more accurate than insulting. He could have been nicer about it, I suppose,
    but he's attacking your position, not your person. And I'm happy about that
    because attacking you personally is MY job. :-)

    AS-I-NINE adj. 1. Marked by an inexcusable failure to exercise intelligence
    or sound judgement.

    To say that intersubjecitve agreement is the same as your neighbor's opinion
    is like confusing the peer review process of science with the peer pressure
    of high school. It is asinine no matter who does it.

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