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Date: Sun Aug 17 2003 - 14:23:47 BST

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    An objective reality may be taken for granted, but so is the subjective
    reality, the two are mutually dependent! The point of interest for the
    MOQ is that once we start to inquire into the S/O the subjective side
    comes out as the "winner" (the empiricists, Berkeley primarily) which
    is untenable and what brought Kant to objectivity's resque and ended
    up with the ephemeral "Ding an Sich", cementing the S/O ...all this
    leading to Phedrus's Quality insight. My point is that repeating this
    SOM-based argumentation which went BEFORE the MOQ as if it
    applies AFTERWARDS ..isn' useful

    squonk: There are no subjects and objects in the MoQ. Subjects and objects
    are artistic creations of the intellect. As such, they are patterns of
    intellectual value.
    Phaedrus did not have a quality insight as such - rather, he was given to
    contemplating Quality from a source out of the Blue. It was the contemplation of
    Quality that lead to the realisation that subjects and objects are artistic
    creations of the intellect, and therefore not primary reality.

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