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Date: Sun Aug 17 2003 - 17:20:27 BST

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    > Just as Scott and you see the mystical
    > everywhere and wonder about the blindness others seem to have. The truth
    > tribunal does not exist as an independent object in the "real" world. It
    is a
    > ghost as you say because it is a metaphor. Rorty believes we don't need
    to live
    > by this myth anymore. That it is no longer useful. We don't need to
    > the there is a Truth "out there" for us to discover.

    For the record, I don't "see" the mystical everywhere. I depend on
    revelation (reports of mystics) and use the usual philosophical tools
    (reason and experience) to deduce that what they reveal makes more sense
    than anything else (with, of course, considerable help from philosophers
    who have already covered this.)

    Also, for the record, what I term the "better class" of mystics mostly agree
    with pragmatism, that there is no tribunal existing as an independent object
    in the "real" world. Truth isn't something to be discovered, it is to be
    lived, and so on. So from my view, materialist pragmatists like Rorty have
    got the right attitude toward such words as "truth", "reality", etc., and
    only have to drop their dogmatic materialism (which reason should tell them
    is absurd :-), and start paying attention to data that their belief in
    materialism prevents them from considering.

    All this is orthogonal to your post of course, but just thought I'd mention

    - Scott

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