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Date: Fri Aug 22 2003 - 18:47:28 BST

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    A Beatle once said, "life flows on within you and
    without you."

    My brain doesn't make perception.. it exists before

    A is A ... law of idenity; an object is an object;
    non- contradiction in reality

    I perceve something.. "I" as in ME, is perceving

    I perceve SOMETHING.. as in there is something other
    than myself.

    "The Buddha, the Godhead, resides quite as comfortably
    in the circuits of a digital computer or the gears of
    a motorcycle transmission as he does at the top of a
    mountain or in the petals of a flower. To think
    otherwise is to demean the Buddah - which is to demean

    - Pirsig ZMM

    --- Berk gore <> wrote:
    > Matter
    > The Other Name for
    > Illusion
    > Harun Yahya
    > What is explained in this book is an important
    > truth, which has surprised many and changed their
    > perspectives on life. This truth can be summarized
    > as follows: "All events and objects that we
    > encounter in real life-buildings, people, cities,
    > cars, places-in fact, everything we see, hold,
    > touch, smell, taste and hear-come into existence as
    > visions and feelings in our brains".
    > We are taught to think that these images and
    > feelings are caused by a solid world outside of our
    > brains, where material things exist. However, in
    > reality we never see real existing materials and we
    > never touch real materials. In other words, every
    > material entity which we believe exists in our
    > lives, is, in fact, only a vision which is created
    > in our brains.
    > This is not a philosophical speculation. It is an
    > empirical fact that has been proven by modern
    > science. Today, any scientist who is a specialist in
    > medicine, biology, neurology or any other field
    > related to brain research would say, when asked how
    > and where we see the world, that we see the whole
    > world in the vision center located in our brains.
    > This fact has been scientifically proven in the
    > twentieth century, and although it may seem
    > surprising, it necessarily implies answers to two
    > questions; "If our lives are visions created in our
    > brains, then who is it that creates these visions?
    > And who is it that sees these visions in our brains
    > without having eyes and enjoys them, gets excited
    > and happy?" You will find the answers to these two
    > important questions in this book.
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