Re: MD Intellectually Nowhere

From: Steve Peterson (
Date: Sat Aug 23 2003 - 13:36:35 BST

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    Hi Bo

    DMB said:
    >> The phrase
    >> "intellectually nowhere" is one Pirsig uses to describe Lila. I am
    >> extremely frustrated that no one seems able or willing to accept this.
    >> I still don't see any good reason for such a rejection. His
    >> description is consistent with the things she says and does. Its
    >> consistent with his hierarchy of levels.
    You said:
    > As the LILA argument goes I agree completely with you about Lila B,
    > particularly as it underpins our not-yet-agreed-upon definition of
    > intellect

    I think you are loosing yourself in your courting of DMB. Based on your
    definition of the intellectual level, to say that Lila does not take part in
    intellectual patterns would mean that she does not divide experience into
    subjects and objects. Is this what you want to say?


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