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Date: Sat Aug 23 2003 - 20:26:04 BST

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    Quality is primary.
    Harmonious preselection may be thought of as a coherent relationship between
    DQ and SQ.
    So, everything exists as a tension between DQ and SQ - there are no static
    patterns outside this relationship with DQ, and, as levels are composed of
    patterns of quality, there are no static levels outside a relationship with DQ

    I know of no better intellectual pattern than this. I have not been
    introduced to a better one since joining the forum. Its strength for me lies in the
    relationship between DQ and SQ - a relationship which is always Dynamic.

    Thus, for example, all language has two components - its static repertoire of
    quality patterns and DQ - new metaphors being harmoniously preselected in a
    coherent relationship with DQ.

    It may be said that many western philosophical systems emphasis subjects and
    objects, and they do so as inevitability's. This is not the case in the MoQ -
    subjects and objects are not inevitable - a culture which emphasises value
    process ontology does not have them.
    In my experience, those who agree with me have formed a culture in which
    subjects and objects play no part. Experience is primarily aesthetic in nature.
    This culture is large and growing, which is most pleasant.

    Any metaphysics which places subjects and objects inevitably central to its
    conception is intellectually unnecessary. More than this, it would be perhaps
    the most severe example of a subjects/object metaphysics ever devised, and as
    such, an anathema to the MoQ. To my delight, these metaphysics are unstable and
    lifeless, with no ability to inspire or produce practical experiences for

    All the best,

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