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Date: Sat Aug 23 2003 - 22:55:20 BST

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    Hi Matt, Squonk

    > squonk: Yes, Quality is an invention, but the term Quality points
    > to the
    > pre-intellectual source of aesthetic harmony.

    Hmm, I would read that annotation and that passage from ZMM again
    Squonk. I don't think Quality points to anything other than another
    series of words, like "socially approved evaluations" or "undefined".

    Without arguing about the merits or "truth" of your pragmatist argument,
    you're wrong about what Pirsig uses the term "Dynamic Quality" to point
    to. [Pirsig quotes taken from Ant McWatts "Pirsig's MOQ" posted on MOQ
    Forum in the essay section]:

    "The Dynamic reality that goes beyond words is the constant focus of Zen
    teaching. Because of their habituation to a world of words, philosophers
    do not often understand Zen. When philosophers have trouble
    understanding the distinction between static and Dynamic Quality it can
    be because they are trying to include and subordinate all Quality to
    thought patterns. The distinction between static and Dynamic quality is
    intended to block this."

    "...The logical positivists fundamental error in my opinion is the
    assumption that because philosophy is about words it is therefore about
    words alone. This is the fallacy of "devouring the menu instead of the
    meal". Their common argumentative tactic is to say that anything they
    cannot feed through their little box of linguistic analysis is not
    philosophy. But if discussion about "the good" (which is fundamentally
    beyond words) is not philosophy then Socrates was not a philosopher
    since that was his primary subject."


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