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From: David Buchanan (
Date: Sat Aug 30 2003 - 22:46:47 BST

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    Paul, Bo and all:

    Paul said to BO:
    I think your logic goes: "If the MOQ includes "Dynamic Quality"
    and Dynamic Quality is outside of static intellectual patterns
    and the MOQ is reality itself then the MOQ is also outside of static
    intellectual patterns" ...

    Bodvar responded:
    ... this is as close as it comes!!! Exactly! Damn! This Is GOOD!
    Even if I have backed down on the 5th level to a rebel intellectual
    pattern, this is exactly it. GREAT!!! ....You see I'm not able
    to understand that anyone can understand it as well as you do and
    NOT "love" it ;-)

    Paul said:
    What I think you fail to see is that the metaphysical term "Dynamic
    Quality" is a STATIC INTELLECTUAL REFERENCE to reality which is
    understood by direct everyday experience WITHOUT THOUGHTS OR WORDS.

    dmb says:
    Yep. I think Paul has nailed it. A false premise leads to a false problem
    and an un-necessary solution. I think I was having trouble understanding Bo
    because of this false premise. I couldn't see the problem because there
    isn't one. The MOQ can not include mystical reality itself. It only has a
    static intellectual reference to it. This point is so central that I could
    never have imagined that Bo think otherwise. As I read it, Paul's fine
    effort has pretty well defeated the SOLAQI idea.

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