MD Reality, relationships and DQ.

Date: Sun Aug 31 2003 - 17:29:17 BST

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    Mostly Paul and mine "level's as reality" issue.

    squonk: Paul's position is shared by, among others, Mr. Pirsig, Me, i feel
    Anthony McWatt would agree, and a majority of serious MoQ thinkers.
    It is you, and you alone, who asserts that a level is reality.

    The MoQ values no level as reality - reality cannot be encapsulated in any
    Having asserted this, it is still possible to discuss the relationship of a
    static level with DQ. Thus, materialism, idealism, and solipsism are avoided.
    And, the tensioned relationship between DQ and SQ provides an aesthetic
    appreciation of beauty and harmony.

    squonk (enjoying some DQ-SQ tension in the great outdoors)!

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