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Date: Thu Oct 02 2003 - 22:22:27 BST

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    Dear Platt,

    A long overdue response. You wrote 07 Sep 2003 08:56:08 -0400:
    'Guess we're having problems understanding one another.'

    We indeed seemed to understand each other much better in the beginning of
    this thread.

    Then you (28 Aug 2003 08:56:06 -0400) appreciated my description of
    'evolution (at any level) is a pattern explainable by the interplay of good
    static latches and dynamic breaks from those latches that only leave a
    lasting impression if that what breaks free finds a "better latch".'

    I on my part (28 Aug 2003 23:45:20 +0200) appreciated the description of
    evolution you quoted from Paul:
    'evolution does lead to "betterness" because the universe evolves from a
    condition of limited responses to Dynamic Quality to progressively diverse

    It's the quibbling about terms like 'purpose' and 'consciousness' that
    decreases understanding between us.

    Our different understandings
    - of the self/non-self distinction (a non-metaphysical distinction versus a
    subject/object distinction in disguise),
    - of rationality (to be identified with 'ego-centered' if distinguished from
    emotion and intuition?),
    - of intuition and emotion employing symbols (possible or not?),
    - of purpose (distinguishable in purpose-having and purpose-giving?) and
    - of consciousness (is 'universal consciousness' a useful concept?)
    lead too far away from the initial subject of this thread to merit much more
    discussion, I'd say.
    We're not interested in discussing merely about definitions of words, are
    we? Behind these discussions about words is hidden what descriptions best
    exemplify our versions of the MoQ and what experience is essential for us to
    distinguish the MoQ from SOM. Paradoxes (exemplifying for instance that
    Quality can be expressed both in maintaining a pattern and in changing it)
    and metaphors (like the 'light through a window' one you quoted) that defy
    definition of their terms are probably better means for this deeper

    With friendly greetings,


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