Re: MD MOQ and idealism

Date: Fri Oct 03 2003 - 12:23:11 BST

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    Hi Paul,
    I agree with your post so have not included it here. If any of the following
    is not in harmony with that post it is my misunderstanding entirely at play.

    For many years now i have been happy to forget about subjects and objects - i
    think in terms of values and processes.
    In this view, i do not find subjects and objects at all. I understand
    subjects and objects may dissolve into the MoQ, so in a sense they may be said to be
    still there but subsumed; but to understand that in their subsuming they
    become something other than common sense Western culture asserts them to be is very
    important otherwise one, errrrr, misses the point?

    I like to say in fact that there are no subjects and objects in the MoQ.

    Have just begun formal study of Indian philosophy, and in the very first hour
    so much was said to reinforce the MoQ i left the lecture room one very
    contented bunny. :)

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